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Denton Classical Education Co-op is a homeschool co-op in North Texas (Flower Mound). Our classes and curriculum are based on a classical education model that includes the trivium. We use The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer as a roadmap to guide our curriculum and scheduling choices.

Denton Classical Co-Op is a weekly homeschool educational cooperative, which follows a classical model of education to help families with their core subjects in all grades.  All member families are expected to teach and help throughout the co-op day and commit to being present and prepared each week at co-op for the entire school year.


Students graduating after study at Denton Classical Co-op are prepared to become leaders in society and in their chosen fields. They are successful in their endeavors because they can express themselves with fluency, grace, elegance, and persuasiveness.

Parents who have taught at Denton Classical Co-op effectively guide their classes and their home schools following the trivium model, which includes the grammar, logic, and rhetoric learning stages.

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Denton Classical Co-op supports families in pursuing a homeschool classical education. At co-op, the students learn through fun, hands-on enrichment activities and projects that correlate with the classical education they are receiving at home. They also receive direct instruction in such subjects as writing and Latin where classroom instruction is more appropriate than classroom enrichment. In participating each week at Denton Classical Co-op, the children will have opportunities to socialize in a fun, safe environment and learn to work with others. We are Christ-centered, but not specifically denominational. We encourage students to be respectful of differing views when they have the opportunity to express or share their religious beliefs.

Classes, Schedules, Events, Programs, etc. are designed for the purpose of

  • Assisting families in giving their children a classical education
  • Giving children a positive learning environment that is enhanced by learning with others in the same age group
  • Helping the children, as students, discover the joy of learning and the enjoyment of self-discovery
  • Allowing each member family to contribute in sharing the work of educating their children.

Additionally, when students reach high school, Denton Classical Co-op aims to offer as many high school graduation requirements as is reasonable. As they approach graduation, students supplement their co-op classes with dual enrollment, private lessons, and specialized study as is appropriate for their individual degree plan and goals for advanced education.

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Member-teachers at Denton Classical Co-op foster the following values in their relationships with each other and with the students. We let these values guide our co-op decisions outside of co-op and on-campus:

  • Hard work – We value “mastery level” learning
  • Self-expression – We equip our children to join the Great Conversation, to understand and analyze and argue with the ideas of the past
  • Cooperation – We recognize that every member-teacher brings strength to the group
  • Love – The love we develop in classrooms and among families inspires the students to try diligently and the moms to prepare carefully. We show love through our words to and about one another
  • Excellence – we aim for an excellence together that is not possible alone
  • Integrity – We exercise integrity in our use of copyright material, execution of contracts, disposition of finances, etc.

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For more information, please contact us by e-mail at dentonclassicalcoop@gmail.com.


Denton Classical Co-Op is a legally recognized non-profit entity in Texas and received official 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in January of 2009.