About Us

Denton Classical Education Cooperative is a homeschool co-op with branches in Justin and Gainesville. Our Christian philosophy and culture welcome all families regardless of their diverse home philosophies and cultures. Children and parents enjoy social and educational support. Our classes and curriculum are based on a classical education model that includes the trivium. We use "The Well Trained Mind" by Susan Wise Bauer as a roadmap to guide our curriculum and scheduling choices.

The Gainesville branch will open for Fall Registration for the 2023-2024 school year on March 1st and will be first come first serve.

The Justin branch is currently closed for new membership.

Denton Classical Education Cooperative is a Texas Unincorporated Non-Profit Association with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

Students graduating after study at Denton Classical Education Cooperative are prepared to become leaders in society and in their chosen fields. They are successful in their endeavors because they can express themselves with fluency, grace, elegance, and persuasiveness.

Parents who have taught at Denton Classical Education Cooperative effectively guide their classes and their home schools following the trivium model, which includes the grammar, logic, and rhetoric learning stages.

Denton Classical Education Cooperative supports families in pursuing a homeschool classical education. At co-op, the younger students learn through fun, hands-on enrichment activities and projects that correlate with the classical education they are receiving at home. As they grow, they transition to direct instruction at co-op that informs their home study. In participating each week at Denton Classical Education Cooperative, the children have opportunities to socialize in a fun, safe environment and learn to work with others. Denton Classical Education Cooperative derives its curriculum from a Christian worldview, and students are encouraged to be respectful of differing views when they have the opportunity to express or share their religious beliefs. Each member family contributes in sharing the work of educating each other’s children.

Member-teachers at Denton Classical Education Cooperative foster the following values in their relationships with each other and with the students.

  • Hard work –I work toward “mastery level” learning
  • Self-expression – I am equipped to join the Great Conversation, to understand and analyze and argue with the ideas of the past.
  • Cooperation – I cooperate with the teachers, students, and others.
  • Love – My love of other members inspires them to try diligently and prepare carefully. I show love through actions and words to and about other members.
  • Excellence – As a member of the group, I can achieve a level of excellence above and beyond what would be possible alone.
  • Integrity – I exercise integrity at all times, especially when using copyright material, executing contracts, disposing finances, etc.

Denton Classical Education Cooperative has core strengths that set it apart from other educational co-ops, groups, and institutions. Many of these strengths even distinguish it against other classical model schools and co-ops. At Denton Classical Education Cooperative , A Trivium-based classical model of education is the basis for all educational offerings. Parent-teachers are cooperative partners in the education of the children. A flexible education path meets the needs of highly gifted children as well as children with educational challenges. Classroom experiences and labs provide opportunities that are too costly or difficult to do at home. Core learning in science, language arts, and writing make up the majority of our class offerings. Our Christian philosophy and culture welcome all families regardless of their diverse home philosophies and cultures. Children and parents enjoy social and educational support.

Co-op Specifics

Some of our students know no other "school." For them and for the new students who join us every year, co-op has become a close-knit, small community where they can flourish. 

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