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Denton Classical Co-op Shared Values

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Member-teachers at Denton Classical Co-op foster the following values in their relationships with each other and with the students. We let these values guide our co-op decisions outside of co-op and on-campus:

  • Hard work – We value “mastery level” learning
  • Self-expression – We equip our children to join the Great Conversation, to understand and analyze and argue with the ideas of the past
  • Cooperation – We recognize that every member-teacher brings strength to the group
  • Love – The love we develop in classrooms and among families inspires the students to try diligently and the moms to prepare carefully. We show love through our words to and about one another
  • Excellence – we aim for an excellence together that is not possible alone
  • Integrity – We exercise integrity in our use of copyright material, execution of contracts, disposition of finances, etc.

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