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Unique Strengths of Denton Classical Co-op

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Group Strengths

Our core strengths set us apart from other educational co-ops, groups, and institutions. Many of these strengths even distinguish us against other classical model schools and co-ops.

  • A Trivium-based classical model of education is the basis for all our educational offerings.
  • Mom-teachers are cooperative partners in the education of all our children.
  • Our flexible education path meets the needs of the highly gifted children at the same time as more nuanced individuals.
  • Classroom experiences for labs and instruction provide opportunities that are too costly or difficult to do in a home setting with just one family.
  • Core learning such as sciences, language, and writing make up the majority of our class offerings, while pursuit of additional subjects and interests can be done individually and at home.
  • Our Christ-centered philosophy and culture welcomes all families, regardless of their diverse home philosophies and cultures—all are welcome.
  • Children and moms enjoy social and educational support.


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