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Fees & Deadlines

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Free Tuition

Denton Classical Co-op does not charge tuition for classes. We are a true co-op with parents volunteering their time as teachers. New moms typically help teach classes that require no advance training or for which they have previous experience or expertise. Veteran moms have experience and training that they bring to their classes in order to offer the best quality classes possible.

Registration Checklist

Returning members who submit a completed registration packet including appropriate fees, waivers, and forms will have priority enrollment. All other applicants will be added to the waitlist, and will be considered on a space-available basis.

To register, turn in the following:

· Completed Registration Packet with signed waivers and completed forms. (Available at or after visiting Denton Classical)

· Registration Fee: $50 per family.

· Supply fee: $205 per child (payment plan available upon request)

· Discounted fees of $200 per child available for those who can pay on time by cash or check.

Rent Deadline

Rent for our space is split evenly among all families. Denton Classical Co-op has already negotiated and locked in our annual rate, but the price per family will vary depending on the number of families enrolled.

July 15

Fall rent due. Exact amount to be determined. Expect to pay about $260 per family. There may be a cash/ check discount available for rent payments.

November 15

Spring rent payment due. Exact amount to be determined. Expect to pay about $260 per family. There may be a cash/ check discount available for rent payments.

Explanation of Costs

Registration fees pay for group events, insurances, etc.

Supply fees cover all the classroom supplies such as markers, map pencils, white board markers, scissors, etc. as well as any supplies specific to the various classes such as history enrichments, teacher copies and science labs.

Registration fees, supply fees, and rent payments are nonrefundable.   Please note that once enrolled, nothing will be refunded if you withdraw your family or are un-enrolled from co-op for any reason.

Additional Costs

In addition to the fees, rents, and costs listed above, each class has a required curriculum list that must be purchased. Some curriculum such as history and science texts can be shared within families. All consumable curriculum must be purchased for each individual child.

Field trips, which have been organized by Denton Classical Co-op, may also have a cost. These costs will have their own deadlines, and must be paid in full in order to participate in the field trip. Field trips are never required for class participation.


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