Denton Classical Co-op Guidelines

Co-op Guidelines exist to futher our mission, create order, and protect our members. 

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Denton Classical Co-op is important, not only because it provides enrichment to each involved child's education, but because it is built around supporting one another as homeschool moms. This means that we expect members to commit to honorably fulfilling their teaching assignments by being present and prepared.


Member-teachers are expected to be present each week of the co-op calendar. When the occasional family trip or illness requires an absence, it is the member’s responsibility to arrange subs for all teaching, assisting, setup, and cleanup responsibilities, and communicate those changes to the scheduling coordinator and the group. Give as much notice as possible.

Unless there is an excessive number of teachers absent, children may attend co-op without their parent if they are in first grade or older and another parent has agreed to be responsible for them (conditional on the parent’s absence being occasional, and not on-going).

All children must arrive and leave on time, be prepared for all classes, and have transportation and food for lunch. All children must know who is responsible for them so that they know who to go to in case of emergency or need. All children should know how to communicate with their parents during the day if necessary.


Member-teachers are expected to be prepared to teach all their classes to the best of their ability with all necessary supplies. Teacher unpreparedness may be grounds for being asked to leave the co-op.

Teaching Assignments

All members are expected to teach, assist, help with set-up, and help with clean-up. While every effort is made to make assignments according to preference, everyone is expected to cheerfully accept and fulfill whatever assignments are ultimately given.

Age Restrictions Gainesville Branch

  • Families may only join co-op if they have at least one homeschooled child that is between the ages of 4 and 17 inclusive by September 1.
  • Children must be the correct age for the class in which they are enrolled. They must be this age by September 1. In 1st grade, children must be 6 years old by September 1.

Age Restrictions Justin Branch

Justin Branch is closed for registration.

Class Registration

All children in grades 1-8 must be enrolled in all the classes offered to them. They may not “opt out” of any of the classes. The board will work with each family on an individual basis to make sure each child is placed in the correct class and level for his or her skill and interest if the regular placement is not in the child’s best interest. No student may be on campus unsupervised at any time.

Dress Code

All parents and children must adhere to a modest, respectful standard of dress. The intent of the dress code is to help provide a positive learning environment. Shirts must be modest and not be revealing. Shoes must be worn at all times by parents and children unless the teacher instructs otherwise for a specific class activity.

Guidelines on additional topics

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Special Needs

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You can contact us directly by e-mail here: [email protected]