History of Denton Classical Co-op

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The Denton Classical Education Cooperative was founded in the spring of 2008 by Mandi Cannon and Laura Crandall, and began operation for the fall 2008 school year. Affectionately called the "Mandi and Laura Co-Op" at first, the Denton Classical Co-Op was organized after attempts to hold a smaller version in Laura's house outgrew the space.

The Denton Classical Co-Op began as a small Mom-School that met once a week to do history and science enrichment projects. Mandi and Laura were both studying the same rotation in the Well-Trained Mind, and with a few other families, they got together once a week to do group projects. When it was no longer possible to meet at Laura’s home, they began to think of inviting additional families to join. They decided to make the group an official entity with vision, goals, and most importantly, a permanent location. They got lots of interest from members of some of the other local homeschool groups, so they drew up some by-laws and set about finding a place to meet.

The first church that welcomed the group became disillusioned with the frequency and size of the classes, so after just 3 months, the co-op was threatened with disbandment if they couldn't find another suitable location. Fortunately, another church had available space in both their building and their hearts for the Denton Classical Co-Op. What started as four families eventually grew to nearly 30 families. Those families that grew the co op have now aged out and moved on to higher education. While the needs of our co op families have altered drastically, this co op is evolving to fit the needs of a changing community. 

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