Member Expectations

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Once a family has joined co-op, they are expected to

  • Attend the mandatory orientation and/ or teacher training meetings in mid August
  • Keep account current, which includes paying fees and other costs on time, and also includes submitting reimbursement receipts in a timely fashion
  • Buy and follow all the approved curriculum for each class for each child
  • Attend co-op for the full day as a teacher or other assigned responsibility
  • Fulfill facility maintenance duties as assigned (including background check or other as required by facility)

Class Guidelines

The main focus for all Denton Classical Co-op classes is hands-on learning. Rather than lecture, teachers are encouraged to engage the students in reading together, leading class discussion, doing experiments, playing games, doing projects, singing, playing, drawing, coloring, etc. Class subjects are academically focused, so the co-op day should be fun and engaging.

Class preparation

Each class will have a lead teacher, and many will also have an assistant. These teachers should both be present during class time. The lead teacher will be responsible for preparing and teaching. The assistant will help in whatever ways needed by the lead teacher as well as act as the back-up when the lead teacher has to miss a class. A teacher may be asked to lead teach a subject to multiple age groups, modifying it according to grade level. Collaboration among the teachers of each subject is encouraged. An approved syllabus for each class will be prepared in advance. If you are the lead teacher, you may enrich or supplement the syllabus with approval from the board.

Class Time & Length

Classes are 55 minutes long. It is vital that each class end on time and start within 5 minutes of the appointed time. Teachers are not required to “catch up” a child who arrives late.


Curriculum will be chosen by the board and will be either recommended by or consistent with the resources found in the Well Trained Mind or other classical education resources. You are welcome to supplement your instruction with other material from these sources if you would like. Curriculum, syllabi and lesson plans will be approved by the board.


Being on time is extremely important for all classes to run effectively. All teachers are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to assembly to set up their classrooms and bring supplies into the building. All teachers are encouraged to take care of their own children's needs prior to class time in order to avoid interruptions in class.

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