Dual Enrollment in Classical High School

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Considerations when thinking about Dual Enrollment

First consider what are your teen's goals? Is he college-bound? Will she be taking a gap year? Does he have a specific major or career in mind? Is there a reason for her to try to get a degree faster than normal? Please email [email protected] for more information.Before enrolling in Dual Enrolment, ask yourself:

  • What classes transfer to future university?
  • What is the value of the freshman experience at university?
    • Taking freshman classes
    • Receiving freshman orientation
    • Applying for freshman scholarships
  • Limit of acceptable credits (transfer vs. enter as a freshman)?
    • Scholarships for freshmen
    • Transfer for low testers

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

  • Accredited grades validate the rest of the transcript
  • Teaches the kids to deal with instructor
  • Advanced college credit
  • Real life experiences being around other students (choices have consequences)
    • Young woman with child
    • Older adult returning for education
    • People who don’t care about classes
    • Sometimes hard to get grades
  • Costs less to “learn” at community college
    • About $150 per credit
    • Dallas County offers free tuition to in county residents

Shortcomings of Dual Enrollment

  • Supplements High School (does not replace--not enough credits)
  • Must do well
  • Not taught in classical model
  • Mixing with adults and mature people
  • Girls get hit on
  • Driving to campus (logistically, maturity)

For More Information

Please email [email protected] 


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